Three Goblets Unblocked


Three Goblets Unblocked

Three Goblets is an adventure battle game to defeat monsters to become more and more powerful. Enjoy the journey!

How To Play Three Goblets Unblocked ?

  • Most things are done with the mouse
  • Click on items to select and then equip them
  • Smelt items by shift-clicking on them to earn some nice rewards
  • Icons in the right-center are screens that you can go to by clicking on them
  • At every level, you get a point to spend on upgrading your stats and at every 4 levels you gain a skill point
  • Pay attention to green icons, these mean that you have one of these points or are otherwise important
  • Click on the M icon to go to the map screen where you can return to battle. When you clear one area, the next area will become available

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