FNF Games

Explore to the exciting world of Friday Night Funkin' (FNF)! Dive into this rhythm game where you, as the Boyfriend, compete in rap battles against Girlfriend's dad with catchy tunes and rhythmic challenges. FNF's unique art style, inspired by early 2000s animations, brings its colorful characters to life with quirky charm.

A standout feature of FNF is its open-source nature, fostering a vibrant community that creates mods with new characters, songs, and game enhancements. Gameplay is addictive yet straightforward – hit the right arrow keys to the beat of the music, with different difficulties for all skill levels.

Explore various music genres, from pop to rap, and join online tournaments and leaderboards for competitive play. Whether you're a rhythm game enthusiast or seeking something fresh and fun, Friday Night Funkin' offers endless excitement and creativity. Join the rhythm revolution and showcase your rap skills!