FNF vs Shaggy x Matt Unblocked

FNF vs Shaggy Unblocked

A battle Vs. Shaggy Unblocked from the Scooby-doo series! Accept the challenges facing your new opponent in this mod for Friday Night Funkin' (FNF) featuring 7 new songs that you can discover over two weeks. While taking a walk in a mansion with Girlfriend you meet Shaggy who seems a little panicked because he has lost his dog Scooby-doo.

But that's not what will prevent him from singing a few songs against you, according to his words he doesn't know much… Everything will pass in rhythm and cordially until Girlfriend commits an unfortunate gesture towards Scooby- doo, which will anger Shaggy.

The mod offers an evolution of the gameplay of FNF, it's with 8 keys then 9 that you will have to follow the frantic rythm of your opponent on the songs Where Are You, Eruption, Kaio Ken, What's New, Blast, Super Saiyan, God Eater, Soothing Power, Thunderstorm, Disassembler, Astral Calamity and the secret song Talladega.

How To Play FNF vs Shaggy Unblocked ?

To discover the secret song of the mod you will need to collect the different pieces of a mask and give them to its owner. To do this, you will have to collect the objects that make up the mask when they appear on the screen during the songs. Be careful, because you have to click on it quickly.

Once a piece has been obtained, go to the "Story Mode" menu of the game and click on the scrambled tab that has appeared in order to return the piece to its owner.

All the pieces can be obtained in "BOTPLAY" mode in the game.

  • 1st part of the mask: Chapter 6, at the end of the song Astral Calamity you have to recover a yellow orb on the ground.
  • 2nd part of the mask: Chapter 2, during the song Blast an object will fall through the screen, quickly click on it to get it.
  • 3rd part of the mask: Chapter 3, during the song God Eater, keep the down arrow pressed to lower the platform you are on and thus make another part of the mask appear.
  • 4th part of the mask: Chapter 5, during the song Dissasemble when the background starts to move, it makes the last part of the mask appear in one of the corners of the screen.


FNF vs Shaggy x Matt Unblocked

A hard mod of Friday Night Funkin where Shaggy and Matt teamed up to rap-battle with boyfriend.

The hardest boss & The most powerful entity are joining forces to bring you one of the most challenging experiences in Friday Night Funkin’!

How To Play FNF vs Shaggy x Matt Unblocked?

  • Play Notes: Arrow keys (or WASD)
  • Special Actions (Rare): Enter key (check mod for details)

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