Battle Wheels Unblocked

Battle Wheels Unblocked

Battle Wheels is an arcade game where you control a car in a 1 on 1 battle against your enemy! Unfortunately, there are no roofs on these battle vehicles but you can use that to your advantage and hit your opponent on the head with your car to win. You can pretty much fly around the arena and flip your way onto your opposition's head to defeat them.

Upgrade your chassis for more base health, get some sick new wheels for more damage, and improve your car with normal damage and health upgrades too! Customise your character and get battling to see how far up the ranks you can go! If you want a challenge, play in the two player mode against your friend to see who is the Battle Wheels champ!

How To Play Battle Wheels Unblocked ?

Hit the opponent in the head with your car to deal damage. Once the health bar hits zero, you win that round!

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