Unblocked Unblocked is an online, retro-style mining and battling game! To win, you'll have to be able to build, craft and shoot fast. You can get the items you need by gathering them from the world around you, looting them from enemies or buying them from the supply crate. There's three different game modes to choose from!

Bed Wars: You and your team will have to defend your camp against the enemies! Capture the bed at the center of your enemies camp and win - but if they capture yours its game over.

Team Deathmatch: A classic game mode. Pick your best weapon and defeat the other team!

Capture the Flag: Each team has a flag at their base. Capture the enemies teams flag and bring it back to your camp to win!

Can you and your team win the day in

How To Play Unblocked ?

  • Use WASD to move!
  • Use B to open the crafting menu!
  • Use C to drop items!
  • Use Right click to attack or break blocks!
  • Use Left click to use an item or place blocks!

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