Shady Bears Unblocked


Shady Bears Unblocked

Shady Bears is an exciting platform game where you play as a cute bear on a quest to collect as many acorns as possible. The twist? Your greatest enemy is none other than your own shadow! Remember to avoid your shadows who will chase you and closely mimic your every move. You can aim for some honey to boost your acorn count, but be cautious of the bees that are attracted by honey. Keep an eye out for helpful fireflies that can eliminate a shadow. And here's the fun part – you can team up with friends! Work together to avoid each other's shadows and gather acorns for the win!

How To Play Shady Bears Unblocked ?

  • 1 Player: Left and Right arrow keys for move. Space bar for jump.
  • 2 players: One player uses Up/Left/Right arrow keys for move and jump. Another player uses AWD/QZD for move and jump.

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