Rusher Crusher Unblocked

Rusher Crusher Unblocked

Rusher Crusher Unblocked is an arcade game where you defeat pixel monsters using your car's guns and turrets. Your city is being invaded by various gigantic pixel monsters that demolish everything in their path, and it's your job to upgrade your weapons and attack speed to tear them into pixels.

You have 20 seconds in each level to destroy the monster, and keep in mind that it's really hard to defeat one. So prepare to die and then improve your car to try again with a stronger weapon. Make sure to shoot the flying power-ups on your screen to have temporary attack boosts. There are hundreds of monsters in Rusher Crusher waiting for you discover and disintegrate!

How To Play Rusher Crusher Unblocked?

Tap or click anywhere on the screen to shoot your guns. When you're in the upgrade menu, spend your coins on the upgrades on the right to make sure you attack faster and more efficiently.

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