ZomboTag Unblocked


ZomboTag Unblocked

ZomboTag is an arena battle game where you must infect all the people in each level with the help of your ever increasing army! Simply chase and defeat enemies around each different arena to level up and collect upgrades to make you and your army stronger! Your two main allies are jumpers and mobs: jumpers will jump towards the enemies before returning to you (think like zombie boomerangs) and the mobs will just sit at your side and attack whoever is closest! Defeat bosses, grow your army, get stronger and see how long you can take on the arena!

How To Play ZomboTag Unblocked ?

  • Movement: WASD or arrow keys

Chase the people around the arena and to infect them, keep them inside the yellow circle surrounding your character! Keep them in the circle until the bar hits the end, then you've recruited a new member!

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