Fancy Pants 3 Unblocked

Fancy Pants 3 Unblocked

The Fancy Pants Adventures: World 3 Unblocked Is an epic adventure platformer created by Brad Borne. In the third chapter of this legendary series, you will go on a homegrown, hand-drawn adventure to help the king. Angry Bathtub Pirates have overtaken the tub. Now, you must get back what's rightfully yours.

Interact with different items to uncover secrets and defeat spiders. Explore the enchanting maps to find secrets, hidden levels, achievements, costumes, and much more! It's hard not to be amazed by the stunning hand-drawn artwork, satisfying animations, and the good sense of humor in Fancy Pants Adventures. Go ahead, put on your fancy pants and get to work!

How To Play Fancy Pants 3 Unblocked?

  • Move - Left / Right arrow keys
  • Jump - S
  • Interact - Up arrow key
  • Duck - Down arrow key
  • Pause - Space bar

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