Candy Jump Unblocked


Candy Jump Unblocked

Click to make the candy jump. Pass through the walls when they are the same color as your candy.

The rules for Candy Jump are pretty simple, but actually putting it into practice is anything but. Even making it into double digits is impressive in this game, and it is pretty much unanimously agreed at Coolmath Games that Candy Jump belongs in the Crazy Hard Games category.

Players hoping to do well in this game will need expert timing and extremely good focusing skills. Candy Jump may look like a fun and kiddish game, but don’t let the bright colors and cute name trick you. This is a game that is meant to be difficult and have you tearing your hair out.

How To Play Candy Jump Unblocked ?

You can play by your mouse and keyboard. Gameplay of Candy Jump made simple. You can familiarize yourself with the acting Control keys in the game interface which you can find in the settings. To begin with, you will need the arrow keys, the space bar, w,a,s,d and the right mouse button.

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