Arithmetica Unblocked

How To Play Mystical Birdlink Unblocked ?

Arithmetica Unblocked

Arithmetica Unblocked is a puzzle game where you solve math questions in a fast-paced manner. Simply click or tap on the correct number to the equation on your screen. Each fast correct answer will increase your timer.

When the timer runs out, you will lose the game! So you must solve these problems as fast as possible to maximize your score. Play Arithmetica every day to improve your math skills and exercise your brain. How many math questions can you solve in one minute?

How To Play Arithmetica Unblocked?

  • Dragons are not easy to control:
  • Move around - WASD
  • Spit fire - LMB
  • Attack with your tail - RMB
  • Take-off/Land - Q
  • Fly up - Spacebar
  • Fly down - C
  • Speed up - Shift
  • Lock cursor - L
  • Hide interface - H

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