Truck Traffic Unblocked

Truck Traffic Unblocked

How To Play Truck TrafficUnblocked?

Where Is My Cat Unblocked

Where is My Cat Unblocked ? is a puzzle game created by Slab Games. Your cat is an expert at hiding. Find it by moving household objects, setting traps, and thinking outside the box. But be careful: finding the dog instead of the cat means losing the game! After completing some levels, you will unlock more game modes such as Meow Merge where you can create new breeds of cats by merging them, or Cat's Play Room where you can interact with your cats. Combining several different genres like merging, hidden object, and puzzle, this game offers the purrfect way to kill some time!

How To Play Where Is My Cat Unblocked ?

  • Interact with objects - Left mouse click or tap
  • Move objects - Drag and drop

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