Rowdy City Wrestling Unblocked

Rowdy City Wrestling Unblocked

Rowdy City Wrestling Unblocked is a sports game created by Colin Lane Games. Take the first steps to become a world-renowned wrestling champion in Rowdy City's Wrestling Gym. Meet a variety of characters throughout your journey, some who want to help you and some who want to harm you.

Advance in your career by fighting in one-on-one matches and other types of events like royal rumble. This realistic game even offers you the chance to work part-time gigs and street fights for pocket money. Do you have what it takes to become the best wrestler in the world? Welcome to Rowdy City Wrestling. The first rule is: Talk about it and share the game with your friends.

How To Play Rowdy City Wrestling Unblocked?

  • Move - Left / Right arrow keys
  • Jump - Up arrow key
  • Punch - Z
  • Dropkick - Z (In mid-air)
  • Grab/Piledriver - Z (When opponent is stunned)

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