Tag Unblocked

Tag Unblocked

TAG is a thrilling local multiplayer game that transforms the traditional catch into a dynamic battle of wits and agility. Face off against up to three friends in three diverse levels, each offering unique strategies to evade capture.

Leverage clever shortcuts to catapult yourself ahead or employ the one-time-use teleport to throw off your pursuer. With its mix of fast-paced action and strategic deception, TAG isn't just about who's quickest—it's about outsmarting your opponents.

Ideal for parties or casual gatherings, TAG guarantees an unblocked engaging experience for players looking to outmanoeuvre and outlast their friends. Who will reign supreme in this game of cunning and speed?

How To Play Tag Unblocked?


  • Player 1: W, A and D keys
  • Player 2: Up, Right and Left arrow keys
  • Player 3: I, J and L keys
  • Player 4: T, F and H keys
  • Left Mouse Button = shoot

Simply walk into another character to tag them, you will see a white arrow above the player who is on!

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