Blocky Trials Unblocked

Blocky Trials Unblocked

Go on a fast-paced motorbike adventure in Blocky Trials Unblocked, a game where you strive to overcome crazy challenges as a professional motocross rider. Intense and speedy, there are well over 30 unique riders to unlock and pick from, each one with their own abilities, such as quicker speeds, better handling of bigger motorbikes, or better jumps over roadblocks and other hurdles.

There are 3 levels to unlock, each more difficult than the last. Collect coins along the roadsides to unlock new riders and motorbikes, but beware of bumpy off-road landscapes, trashed cityscapes, and tricky ports. This is a Minecraft-style driving game where your main objective is to survive the ride.

How To Play Blocky Trials Unblocked ?

  • Arrow keys to move
  • B to use boost

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